At N49 43.110 W126 56.272, Marian and Paul are stuck again sitting out a Southeast storm. Right now they are just 100 km away from Tofino.
Right now Tofino doesn’t mean wifi, but food! Which by now is in short supply. Even the wolves and bears they encounter on the beach think they are too skinny. Fortunately, every guy named Ken is a nice guy. Somebody should make Ken actionfigures. Wait, they already exist. This time it wasn’t fisherman Ken, but Ameri-Ken. Marian couldn’t remember the name of his female companion. However they were glad to get some food.
Their main worries now are keeping the tent in one piece and hope the weather will calm down, so they can get to Tofino a.s.a.p.

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    My beautiful female companion was Michelle and she had just kindly agreed to marry me when we ran into Paul and Marian. They were the very first to hear the news! Safe travels you two. ken

  2. Martijn

    (Ameri)Ken and Michelle

    thank you for feeding my sister and brother in law. I tried my best to raise them properly, but there they go around the world smelling bad and begging for food ;)Wish you all the best.

    grtz, Martijn