Around north Iceland n66 27.479 w015 56.880

We imagined the north in a different way, what happened we got depressed. Not really of coarse but very exited about the surrounding; no!
We ended our trip yesterday because we had a lot off headwind and that wind became very strong to. We ended on a very rocky nothing beach. Big stones and seastuf and a terrible smell. A sea kayak fully loaded pulling up that all. Grrrr.
Today the weather was better so we paddled a couple off miles to Raufahhofn. A nice town owned by the Dutch in the past.
Tomorrow we are going further along the cost. We are halfway now we think.
We paddled 900km. Still a couple to do but we are in good health.
At last: it’s my mother’s birthday, 85 !!! and still going strong.

2 Responses

  1. Gerard

    Dear Paul&Marian. OK: halfway maybe, but till now: an extraordinary performance. So go one. Believe in what the both of you will achieve.
    Only the eatscoast, some peddling around southpoint and back to where you started. Have a good rest and go on!! We will follow you in our mind and everyday via internet. Good luck!!
    greetings from Gerard

  2. Anonymous

    Hello Marian and Paul, congratulations on you Mum’s birthday yesterday! Your whale film is very scary to watch or rather to ‘hear’, but in the end Paul spoils the tension with his big grin (or is it hidden fear?) Anyway, you are both doing very well. Congratulations on your trip sofar. Keep up, have fun and save journey! Ellen