Bruny Island part two

Bruny Island

After a couple of lovely day’s with Freda and Aaron we paddled further along the Huon River to the ocean. We landed in Dover and went to the pub. After dinner we couldn’t leave the pub without being noticed. A fisherman stood up and walked to Marian saying she has the most stunning eyes he ever seen and to me that I had the biggest red nose he’d ever seen. But he was wandering what we where doing. We told hem what we are doing and he told us to take better care of ourselves and put more sunscreen on our face. But after that he told all the fishermen what we were doing. They all were astonished. One off the man told us that freak waves on the west Coast turn over whole ships. They even thought we are crazy to do the outside of Burny.

But the next days we did. We spend time on the most beautiful beaches. Slept on Partridge Island. I went fishing a all of the sudden I had a squid on the line. He looked up sprayed ink all over the boot and disappeared.

The next day we went out. Went back because it was to rough. Following day second attempt and went to the lighthouse. We ended in a very rough bay with an enormous tidal race because we went between two rocks. That was a stupid idea and we ended on a beach with big surf waves. We couldn’t get out and spend the night in the nature park at a garden made by conflicted people in earlier days. All of the sudden the ranger appeared we were not allowed to camp there. After explaining how we got there we could stay but had to be out first thing in the morning. So we did or didn’t. Man what a big surf it was we where facing at the beach. Marian went out but she was back before she knew it in a backwards surf. After several attempts we finally succeeded. But to late for the wind so back again and now we are under Hobart after paddling with 50 dolphins. What an amazing experience. Unfortunately our IPad can’t take it anymore so we cannot show you any pictures.

We will starting to take some with the iPhone but believe me Marian took a great movie from dolphins under the kayak. We will publish that when we can.

All the best from Tasmania and take care.

Tomorrow we heading for the Tasman Peninsula.