Camping on Freycinet Island

Where now camping on Freycinet Island. A beautiful area. Clear blue water. White beaches and granite rocks.
At 9:00am we left a depressing campsite. It’s cold now for days and without any sunshine.
The campground was no that horizontal and with stones, so in the middle of the night Marian was suddenly on top of me. And I didn’t ask her to do so!
Big waves yesterday and big surf waves near the beach, today a quiet day. 30km with 1,5m swell. And during paddling we are fishing as well. With good result, today salmon! Or something like that.
Normally we used the compass and gps, but when we are on the Southern Hemisphere, a compass for the northern hemisphere don’t work that well. Its in an angel all the time.
So we only have the maps to navigatie. Albert Jan did a lot of copy work for us. He spend one day to make the prints! Normally he is fixing heaters. Thanks AJ
They are topographic 1:50000 and we have a bigger scale map for the overviews.
We have some days to go. We are making a plan where to finish. We will see.