The last two day’s we did two crossings. That’s not unusual for Iceland. A circumnavigation of Iceland means you have to deal with a lot of crossings. Mostly with headwinds and choppy seas. We get used to it now.

The miles we do is almost without current. There is not that much current as we have in Holland. Tidal races are rear.

We lost wight. Not only because we paddled almost 700 km but also cause of the cold. Our body function well at 37 gr. That means; eat as must as you can. On open sea a Adventure Food meal is one way. Also a lot of cake and chocolate is ok.

Yesterday we past a beautiful area consist of basalt formations like Fingles Cave in Scotland. Magnificent.
Today it was only a big crossing with nothing but a whale and mountains with snow heads.

Tomorrow we will visit a small village.
To do some shopping. Also we will try to publish our gear list.

A week ago I found a part of a whale.
That picture has become Marian’s favorite.