Today we left Vattarnes. We were there for two and half day and it felt almost like home. Elionora took care of us by making wonderful dinners. Yesterday we had Icelandic sausages Home made, unfortunately I forgot the name but they were delicious. Baldur and Daniel where busy painting the house, blue. For us it was great being there and take part in normal Iceland’s life. Not really normal because we were there, two visitors out of the ocean. We will never forget Vattarnes and his lovely people living there. I was even a bit sad when we left, but we have to move on and we did.

We paddled for 51 km mostly calm sea with sometimes a tidal race. We left early because of the current but how we study and how we look it is never what it should be. Then we paddle 8 km a hour then all of the sudden 3 and even backwards is possible. It was a long day with a lot of sunshine and sunblock 50 failed. I never wanted to have kilometers sponsored but I think it is an option now, send me 1 euro for every kilometer I did , so I can go to have my face lifted when I am back. Think my skin will not survive this and I come back looking old and wrinkled but with a lot of stories and memories I never will forget.