Eyrarbakki N63.52.046 W021.10.034

Today not a paddle day. Gisli picked us up at Höfn. He left Reykjavik yesterday so it was 10:00 this morning when he arrived. We emptied our kayak’s and filled his car whit all our smelly stuff. We drove along the south coast We saw what we shout have paddled. Big long black beaches and nothing else. Gisli told us how it was to be there and what we missed.
It’s not that beautiful but a matter of an achievement.
During the day Gisli told a lot about the surrounding. We lessened but we were also a little tiered and just lessened to all the stories of Gisli. At the end he drops us at the campsite off Eyrarbakki. Gisli thanks for your service.

Tomorrow we continue our trip. Four or five day’s and then we will arrive in Reykjavik. For now the sun is shining, we are sitting in front of our tent at 21:30 u, summer in Iceland we enjoy it as long as we can.

  1. Gerard

    En we gaan nog niet naar huis…:
    And we go home not yet, not yet, not Yet long, long and we are still not home, because mother is not at home. And though it was not my mother at home, then we went, then we went not, and though it was not my mother at home, then we went not home!

    greetingsTagardM62 Gerard