Finally Tasmania

Finally our kayaks are released and we collected them at TTS transair. A wonderful company to do business with. We got al the hellp we needed. We were brought by the owner himself  to the harbor. To take of your customer is something they forgot on the Tasmanian Spirit. This ferry takes you from Melbourne to Devonport. As we where  told the kayaks should be no problem. Unfortunately they don't communicate so all of the sudden it was a problem to bring them. We had to put them in a trolley. We told them that wouldn't fit but it had to,  " these are the rules" . Off course it didn't. After one hour hard work in 37 degrees they saw it didn't fit. We had to go back to the office. They charged us for the kayaks. We had to wait until the last passenger was on board. Then we could bring our Kajak to the car deck. We handed them to the only person on board who understand us. He took very good care of our kayaks. Thank you so much it was a releave. 

 We went on board and because we already paid an enormous amount of money because I had to cancel the trip twice we slept low budget. You get a recliner in the recliner room. We tried to get some sleep but a very big man kept us al awake with his  snoring. Paul ended that friendly so we all could sleep. 

Now we are in a caravan park packing our kayaks and yeah start our fantastic trip tomorrow.