After leaving Grindavik we paddled along the coast on our way to Reykjavik. We stopped in time just after a lot of rocks were gannets are breading. From our campsite we can see them fishing they come in large groups circle above the ocean an all of the sudden they dive into the sea. Sometimes four or five together. Meters high, wings behind, it is a real fish attack, it even sounds as a bombardment.

These are our last days in to the wild. We must go back to civilization, that will be hard for us. Maybe I can put up my wash line in the garden with our Werner paddles to remember. But nevertheless it will be difficult we are so one with nature here even campsites are places we don’t like anymore because they are so crowded.

For now we are happy at our campsite near a rocky beach. Watching the gannets, drinking whiskey and enjoy each others company. Reykjavik have to wait.

On the photo’s waves that are there all of the sudden. Wash line from Werner paddles they are not only great with paddling. Paul blogging at a beach on the south east coast.

  1. Mirjam

    One with nature and ciber space at hand 😉 Visit us at Ytra Lón when Friesland becomes to crowded!

    Hugs from all of us.