If you want to get depressed go visit this town. I believe the blue lagoon is nearby so thats positive and the campsite has the almost perfect shower ( only our own is better) but thats all. The town is ugly, old, the grass is dead and a lot of empty buildings and the houses look al as if they are ready to collapse.
On top of that we bought an ice-cream and when Paul wanted to pay the top fell off and he only got a cup were he could put the ice in. Ooooo he was better off in the end because the Ice creams here are so big that at the end you have that stuff everywhere.

Today we paddled 40 km along beautiful cliffs with a lot of birds. Most gannets, puffins and other birds. To remember Iceland I would love
to have a special souvenir. So please can somebody tell me were I can find a stuffed puffin or parrot diver as we may call them sometimes. Not one that is killed for me but one that fell out of the air by it self. I just want one at home if customs will let me, but they are not protected here and frequently cached for diner here so I think its no problem. Let me now if you can help me out. We be in Reykjavik until tuesday.

On the photo is Paul at the campsite talking with the lonely biker. A German guy we met in Höfn and it is a coincidence to met him here again.

  1. Axel

    I believe you can buy stuffed Puffins from shops. The cuddly ones that don’t get smelly (normally). Some even can make sounds if you squeeze them. And if you throw them they DO fall out of the air. That kind is also not endangered so OK to take home. Maybe Friesland is a good place for them 🙂 Enjoy the paddling and shopping in Reykjavik!