Höfn how hard can it be

We are in Höfn. Yesterday we came in and actually we were expecting a lot of people in the harbor giving us applause because we made it. Höfn is the most difficult harbor from Iceland because of its entrance. It is a narrow gap between the sandy beach and a cliff all exposed to the great atlantic ocean were waves meet country since they left Africa. It was hard to get in. Wind picked up waves accord all the sudden. We had to work hard to get in. Then all of the sudden you reach the inner lake with 4 glaciers and Höfn. It is an personal goal to reach this town. Reaching Höfn is a thing but no one there to say well done. So we said that to each other and got ourselves a big big hamburger with fries.

Höfn is also a sad place because we are considering how to go on. We looked at the map breaking our heads how to do more miles a day. We cry, we tried to convince one an other that we can make it any how, but we cannot. Not this way. Marian is running out of time being back at work in two weeks. Finally we made the most hard decision every made in this trip. We have to skip a part and continue on a other place. It is no option to get stocked on the south coast with no possibility for escapes. There is no way we can finish this trip in the day’s left.
Let us tell you we are sitting in front of the tent crying our lungs out. Feeling sad because we in all our hard wanted to go around. We listing to sad music and be sad sad sad. We saw the weather forecast and went even more sad because let it storm now but no it is fantastic and we cannot enjoy.
But when we wright this we know we are spoiled, not reasonable because we knew we were tide in time and have to be lucky we came this far with all we have remember,the birds,wales, the country, the people. We are said not able to see it all but we will paddle the last part to Reykjavik with a lot to tell.

5 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Beste Paul, beste Marian,
    Wat een klote beslissing. En toch zijn jullie onze helden hoor!!!
    Sterkte. Fons

  2. Gerard

    Dear Paul en Marian,
    No problem at all, look at the map: what a distance you traveled, what a great effort, such a magnificant result. We Dutch left the European football championship; no more dutch who really compete in the Tour the France, but the both of you are the realy Dutch heroes!! Right decision you made. Forget that difficult decision you made and enjoy the last part of your trip.
    Many greetings G&G

  3. Martijn

    Tja kut zeg. Ik moest ook huilen bij de gedachte weer aan het werk te moeten. 😉
    Hoe dan ook, dappere beslissing en we zijn toch mega trots op jullie.
    Zie jullie snel.
    liefs, Martijn en Norma.

  4. Axel

    “How hard it is indeed”, maar ook “Hoe moeilijk maken jullie het jezelf?”

    Zo op de kaart gezien hebben jullie het grootste (en mooiste?) deel van IJsland kunnen ronden. Geniet er van en maak er nog een mooie tijd van! Vakantie?

  5. Mirjam

    En bedenk, als jullie dit vorig jaar gedaan hadden waren jullie waarschijnlijk nooit zo ver gekomen. Het weer heeft nu echt mee gezeten, vorig jaar was a terrible zomer in west en noord Ijsland, nu waren juni en juli geweldig, ook al was het niet zo warm om te beginnen. En wat een herinneringen!
    Hugs van Ytra Lón!