last leg

Last update via Martijn.

Paul and Marian left the westcoast. Currently they are near Victoria enjoying the beautiful weather. Ever since Tofino they’ve been paddling through fog and rain. The Fuca strait was the most intens swell they’ve encountered sofar. 5m. waves. The backsupport and bayhatches of the Nordkapps were the only dry spots left. Everything was soaked because of the fog and rain. Don’t know why they mentioned that, since they made a concious choice being active in watersports. 😉
However, the spirits are still up. Today ehm, yesterday they crossed the U.S. border and headed toward San Juan island. There they will have to report to U.S. customs immediately. Then they will search for a campsite and prepare for the last 20km to Orca’s Island.

Dotan and Jack van Gelder made a song about coming home. Enjoy!