Light house tour

Here an update from our last days.

Yesterday we had a great paddle from Bakkagerdie to Dalatangi. ( N 65 16. 102 W 013 34.559) Here you find the oldest light house of Iceland. After 42 km we arrived. We had strong head wind and a lot of waves. We where all wet and covered with salt. When we asked if we could camp near the light house we where invited to stay in the house. We also got a private tour in both light houses. We learned how things work here in winter. We had an excellent bed and it was hard to get up this morning. Funny thing is is that Mirjam and Sverrer from Ytra lรณn are good friends of the people from the light house. Small world it is on Iceland.

Today we started with flat water and even with tail wind. Let me tell you that paddling here on the east coast is a bit different then on other parts of Iceland. There is a lot going on with currents around headlands leaving rough seas and tidal waves as result. Upon that you can have breaking waves all of the sudden in the beginning of fjords without a warning. Imagine we had rough sea with hardly any wind. What will happen with a wind force 6 ? Thats what will happen tomorrow and we think we will see it from the coast.

That coast is Vattarnes at N 64 55.959 w 013 41.794. We paddled again 41 km. We stopped near the light house and we where invited by the people living there for a meal and shower. So now we are camping in the field near the house clean and well fed.
We hope we can paddle again tomorrow but it doesn’t look good and time is not our friend anymore as it becomes running out.
Think we have tomorrow enough time left to upgrade some pictures now we are going to sleep.
Take care.
Marian and Paul

Tent view now.

  1. Mirjam

    Good to hear you’re doing well and taken care of on the way. Some proper meals now and then ๐Ÿ˜‰ Enjoy your days not peddling, though it doesn’t bring you closer to the finish ๐Ÿ˜‰ Hugs Mirjam and Sverrir and kids.