No campsite but lots of friendly people

It is almost like Iceland, paddling for hours along endless coastlines. We have trouble finding camping spots because every single piece of land is private. Luckily we found lovely people who were willing to let us camp on there land but it’ s hard. A shower is rare, we smell like old fish by now. We wonder what that’s be after six weeks. 

We are entering the discovery pass we will not take but go an other route but it still is a tide race area and we need to be careful.
We can not upgrade our blog every day, the telecom companies do not allow foreigners to have a prepaid. O o the can learn from there Icelandic colleagues. We try to blog as soon as possible but you have to be patient sometime. We will be out of sight for at least two weeks on the west coast. 
Her some pictures from the Strait of Georgia with beautiful weather.

Denman Island 

  1. Martijn

    hey als ze toch zo vriendelijk zijn, kunnen ze toch ook wel een prepaidje voor je halen? Nou ja veel plezier in ieder geval