North Water

When we where preparing for our Iceland adventure, we discovered North Water. This company makes bags and safety things for sea kayakers. We never hearth about this brand before. That’s a pity because its well made with a high standard quality.
North Water’s program includes several bag’s. Underdeg bags and above, in front of your cockpit. There are different methods of fitting those bags. We like the one to glue on your kayak. Its made of pvc with a clip attached on. Its very strong and easy to do it your selves. Those clips are necessary to attach different types of bags. Also we use a basic ground underlay on wich you can attach differend types of bag’s. Its al very strong. We attatchted it with Ty Ripes onto the deck lines and it is still there!
Also North Water has several types of trow bags and tow systems. The one we use is the quick release rescue tow lines. With a big hook and a lot off length. The most important is that its made very strong and the bag it selves is that big so you can easy fill it up with the tow line again after action. To make the bag a little smaller just fold it again. Its also suitable for attaching on the seakayak instead off your body.
We like it!

2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Beste Paul en Marian,
    Bedankt voor de update. Wat zijn jullie al ver!! Dat was natuurlijk de bedoeling, maar jullie houden goed vol, ondanks de af en toe depri omgeving. Wat een moed en wat een volharding. Geniet van de mooie momenten! You are great!! Fons

  2. Gerard

    Hai Paul & Marian, thanks for the blogs. You had some restdays, ok, but when the weather will be ok again (and remember, the weather overthere wasn’t as bad at all, the last month), you will go for the second half of this exciting trip! Today we, family and friends where gathered at Stania State in Oenkerk to celibrate the 85th birthday of our (Paul’s and mine) mother. In here usul speach a lot of words reached out to you overthere on and around Iceland. It was a happy gathering and everybody wished the both of you many luck! So: goede vaart!
    With love & greetings, Gerard