One whale today

After a good night sleep a wonderful breakfast we left Krossnes with his very kind ladies who took good care of us. We started at 10 with our crossing without any wind. With a flat sea we spotted a whale in front of us. I can not tell you what kind it was but not that big.
Today we left the West Fjords behind us. It was beautiful to paddle there but to tell the truth I am, Marian, not that stoer I don’t know any word for it in english, as I thought. Iceland is so different compared to other countries. I love camping I love being outside but here you are completely on your own. Thats sometimes hard for me but I will not complain, will not “ride someones desk” but being out here is getting confronted with myself and that means growing. Paul is in his element do making campfires and look after me like Tarzan did for Jane.
But nevertheless we are starting the north part of Iceland. I love paddling here. My boat the Nordkapp is excellent and fast. Ladies I surely can recommend it. Send some video’s Paul made and you can see it is not only flat water paddling over here.

2 Responses

  1. Gerard

    Nice to hear from you and beautiful pics! Seems the weather is ok overthere. Did you made the second big crossing yet? Now first the northside, rounding and yes: back to Reykjavik! In Holland: no more Europe-cup, we lost. Euro going down and down. Not really a real summer. But everybody kicking alive. We follow you everyday with sometimes concern, but always with great faith that you will succeed.
    Paul tnx for the mail. Well: good trip, greetings,

  2. Ludo

    Hoi Marian en Paul,
    Ik ben voor het eerst in de gelegenheid om naar jullie blog te kijken, maar het ziet er geweldig uit daar. Nu komt jullie droom tot werkelijkheid. Wat een mooie natuur!! Ik wil wel even ruilen, Marian, wij hebben hier heel veel gasten, spierpijn van het praten en bed opmaken e.d., een beetje eenzaamheid kan soms geen kwaad.
    Veel plezier samen, we houden contact.
    Groeten Ludo en Henkie natuurlijk.