Online again

Dear friends and family after a view days without internet access we are online but just for a short moment. We are in the West fjords. We paddled around high cliff with lots of birds. It is impressive. Today we going from Bolangarvik to last part of the West fjords. That means no opportunity to internet again for the next days. It is funny in Holland you think everything will work the way you wanted. we planed to make a video everyday so you could see what we are doing well thats not working but we save the movies for you. It is also that once out here in nature beauty we forget everything. It is so overwhelming.
Last night we got our package with food from Halldor and visit the kayak club from Isafjordur and met Gundi Its was great being there and we had to sign a beautiful greenland kayak. Thats only for people how circumnavigate Iceland so we now have tho finish otherwise they have to paint the boat again. For us it was a great honor to sign our name next to names like Nigel Foster and other famous kayakers.

2 Responses

  1. Gerard

    great to hear from you! Must be an amazingadventure in that unspoiled nature.
    In Holland everybody is stupified we lost from Germany yesterday: 2-1.
    What bothers you is how to finish the circumnvigation. Weather overthere looks fine (to me..). So, go on with the trip. Have fun and strenght.
    Many greeting, Gerard

  2. Anonymous

    Fijn, dat jullie er van genieten!
    Groetjes Elbrich