Paddling again

Hi everyone,

My name is Martijn Makelaar and as of today not only the official photographer but also the unofficial communication liaison for the dutchseakayakers. Since they are not always able to blog, Marian asked me to post some information.

For the last couple of days Marian and Paul have been stuck on Hardwick Island. The wind pushed the waves up to 3m, making it impossible to continue. Fortunately, they happen to be charming people so they were very warmly welcomed by local fisherman Ken. Fisherman Ken provided them with food and a cabin of their own. Which for me, being Marian’s brother, is a comforting thought. I know they can handle the elements and are highly trained seakayakers. But camping amongst bears can’t be trained in the Netherlands. So thumbs up for fisherman Ken!

So by now, the storm has passed and they are paddling again. However, the connection on the phone wasn’t all that great so I couldn’t make out where they were going. But all is fine and they are having fun! As soon as they are able to blog, they will provide an update about where and how they are.

Since they also cannot send pictures, I will now shamelessly impose my photography upon you. Here’s an older picture of Paul training in the swimming pool during winter.