Today we’re stuck because of the strong wind blowing over Breidalfjordur. But this is a good oppurtunity to tell you about Iceland and our impressions so far.
After arriving in Reykjavik one thing is clear what we had in mind won’t work. Collecting the boats meet people takes time. When we finally paddled out of Reykjaviks harbour mixed emotions crossed our minds. What’s going to happen, did we take the right precautions for finishing this in good health. We paddled on, adventure starts thats what we wanted.

Iceland is different anyone can tell. We paddled around the Faroer islands, around Ireland and did trips on Scotland and Wales but Iceland is different and we haven’t seen a thing yet. But what touches us is the loneliness and the desolate landscape with snow capped peaks. The sea another story.
Starting with flat water but then out of nowhere wind starts picking up and the sea gets rough. This happened in less then 15 minutes without any advance warning. It starts with a ripple and before you know it you have two meters swell crashing against a meter high wind wave. You have to be prepared for everything and thats wy we use only the best materials for this expedition. In these waters there is no mercy and all of it has to be top gear and it is.

We see what will happen but we have the confidence in what we are doing. In the mean time we are sitting on a rock waiting for the wind to drop and look out to sea

  1. karel

    The wind is checking your patience which are needed in those waters