This is a man’s world

This is a man’s world, loggers, fisherman, big cars and big man everywhere. 

Hunting, building, logging or fishing. It is big bigger biggest. 
We had a storm passing by in the Johnston strait. We were stuck on Hardwicke island. Thank you Ken for the shelter, good meals, stories and fishing lessons. 
Now we are at Port McNeill after a short stop at Telegraph Cove yesterday. At our stay of the campsite over there the whole campsite provided us from food. Do we look so skinny? No actually they had a party going on and we joint them. A good stay, also for the two bears that walked across the campsite. 
But as you notice, my brother is in charge for the next two weeks. We start to go around and will not be able to blog ourselves. Actually it is exiting we are now ” in to the wild” for real. 
We keep you informed so stay with us!