Valley Nordkapp

Today it was rainy in Höfn. We tried to rent a car for our transport to Eyrarbakki ( the place were we restart our trip) but thats a bit of a problem.
It is high season now so all the rental cars are on the road. Lucky for us is that Gisly will pick us up and bring us to the place we choose to continue.

Today was also a day to look back on the trip we did this far. I looked at my Nordkapp and was thinking its only 3 months old and look were its been. Before the trip I had trouble finding the right kayak for the job. Being a lady not that thick it is hard to find the right boat. Mostly the size is a problem but then again you need space for gear on an expedition like this. Really I travel with the minimum of gear because heavy boats are not easy to handle on shore. Often we land at rocky beaches and you have to drag your boat up. Finally the choice was made for the Valley Nordkapp and I haven’t regret that for one moment. It is a wonderful boat for this job. I have place enough for all the gear. Alright I left my dress at home and even my high heal shoes, but everything else fitted in
At sea it performs well. The rougher the sea the better the kayak preforms. It is fast. Paul never believed in that but he often had to work hard to keep up. It don’t slow down in the short waves that you get with headwinds. It slices trough the water finding its way leaving you dry without the splashing thing I was used to in my other kayak. Maybe the one thing is that when I would paddle without the full gear it will be harder to handle because of its size. I think I will be more convenient in a low volume Nordkapp. But thats something I have to experience in future. For now I am so happy with this one I can recommend it. I heard the stories of its instability but I paddled in it for over 1200 km and I never had any problem with it. Yes in tidal races you have to paddle active and stay with the boat but even then it preforms well.
My kayak, build on friday 13 is my luck on this expedition. Would not want to mis it for one second.