Vancouver Island 2014

Circumnavigation of Vancouver Island 2014 – Dutchseakayakers
On May 19, 2014, Paul and Marian –better known as Dutchseakayakers- will start their circumnavigation of Vancouver Island.
The Dutch Seakayakers have several successful circumnavigations to their credit already, such as the Faroe Islands as well as Ireland and Iceland.
So, when Shawna Franklin and Leon Somme of Body Boat Blade International told Paul and Marian last year about their circumnavigation of Vancouver Island, the enthusiasm of the Dutchseakayakers was aroused instantly. And after an invitation from Shawna and Leon came to depart from Orcas Island, the destination for their next expedition was found: Vancouver Island, as slowly as possible. No speedy crossings, but pure fun! After all, if slow food is better food, isn’t slow paddling better paddling?
Paul and Marian said: “British Columbia is characterized by natural beauty, isolated beaches and pristine rainforests, but also by salmon, bears, killerwhales and dolphins. That seems great! That would be sea kayaking in its purest form. A kayak expedition like this, gives you a sense of freedom and satisfaction. It makes you mentally resilient”.
Paul and Marian will start their kayaking expedition from the location of Body Boat Blade on Orcas Island , and they will return there after 6 weeks and 620 nautical miles.
Sea kayaking is their passion. Paddling on the dynamic boundary where the sea touches the land and the sky. The infinite ocean on the right hand and the breathtaking coast of British Columbia on the left. One with nature, as the Inuit are in their kayaks. The famous poet John Masefield got it just right:
I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide
Is a wild call and a clear call that cannot be denied
So a new adventure is about to begin! This time Paul and Marian will still paddle together, but as from next year, they will share their quests with others, such as Iceland or other unique locations in the world. Follow us on the worldwide web, and we may meet on the water and paddle together one fine day!