Whale attack

Yesterday we left with a little drizzle and fog it was a cold start. After 16 km we reached Flatey a small island with a couple houses a church and nobody as it looked to us. We sat there cold and eat our pasta mail from adventure food. We were complaining about not spotting any whales. We left at 14:00 u for a 30 km crossing.
After an half hour we saw the first whales jumping out of the water far from us but we could see them very good. We took our camera’s but they where out of sight. We spotted more whales but al of the sudden we heared a terrible noise behind us. It was a big whale blowing air out his blowhole. Paul nearly jumped out of his kayak the whale came right after us. As we pulled our kayaks together the whale came towards us and went under. We tried to film it but there was a water drop on the lens in the end you still can see his big tail going under. We where to scared to pay attention to real filming. Imaging how we felt when this enormous creature came right after us blowing out air and you are sitting in what is feeling like a very small kayak on that moment. Luckily he dived and left us alone. We were shaking al over and decided to make the crossing as short as possible what still was a 4 hours paddling. We saw many whales but from distance and that is so beautiful.
Today we have a coastline day and left late we where a bit lazy hope to find a hot tub today. We can not upload the film yet because of the connection but we let you now when we placed it on you tube. We send some pictures from our spot so you can see where we typed this blog.
Fons thanks for your comments like it very much.
Pieter we see so many birds ducks with wonderful colors, puffins and other birds. For you this would be absolute paradise in bird watching we recommend it.
Family and friends take care and love from Paul and Marian

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  1. Gerard

    De naam Hvalfjörður is IJslands voor “Walvisfjord” en is afkomstig van een sage over een walvis die vissersboten in de fjord aanviel. Onder de slachtoffers bevonden zich twee zonen van een priester, die de walvis vervloekte en hem via de rivier Botnsá in het meer Hvalvatn deed belanden. Het meer heeft, net als de fjord, zijn naam aan dit verhaal te danken. Ook het grote aantal walvissen die in de fjord zwommen, en het feit dat tot het eind van de jaren tachtig één van de grootste walvisstations in IJsland aan dit fjord gevestigd was zorgen voor de naamsbekenheid van Hvalfjörður. groetjes Gerard

  2. Anonymous

    dory said

    wel heftig,a wale so close.
    wens jullie een mooie dag morgen
    take care ,love jou


  3. Axel

    Locaties zijn weer helemaal bijgewerkt, met dank aan Karel voor de ontbrekende coordinaten.

  4. Anonymous

    Kijk, dát is nou het betere journalistieke werk: whale attack. Dat doe ik jullie niet na! Gewoon een vis die achter jullie aan zwemt.
    Wel genoeg eten hoor, jullie zien er gezond maar wel wat afgetraind uit. Ik heb weer erg genoten van jullie bericht. Jullie schieten goed op!!! Succes maar weer. Fons