Yeeee, civilization

After 16 days we are back in town.

Survived many scary moments but absolutely the most scary one were the howling wolves next to our tent in the middle of the night. Given the track they were approached very close. 
The coastline is beautiful, seen whales, sea otters, sea lions, bears and birds.
We are in Tofino given a warm welcome by Andrew and his family. There was no place to be find in a hotel or campsite. So we stayed in his house, get organized again for the last week. Up to Orcas again!
We thank Ameri-Ken and Michelle for there food, we really needed that, and it tasted so good after all those days rice. We wish them a wonderful marriage. Yes we where the first to know that’s going to happen.
Thank you Andrew and family.  everything is clean again, and we did smelled horrible when we arrived at there place. 
Special thanks to my lovely brother, getting our hacked blog online again and providing you from information on our days in the out back. 

  1. karel

    trying to keep the wind and sea down