Ytra Lón

The sun is shining. Things are more beautiful when there is more light. The last couple off day’s weren’t that good, clouded and with a lot of wind.
The weather forecast for this weekend and next week aren’t that good. We decided to chance our plan and to go to Ytra Lón. It’s a farm with bed and breakfast owned by two hospitality people Mirjam Blekkenhorst and her Icelandic husband. They are living there with there 3 children. The funny thing is that we know Mirjams brother Mark. Mirjam is dutch living here most of her live and have this wonderful guest house.

The weather rapport this morning did us decide to chance our plan again. The next day’s the weather is getting better. So tomorrow we go paddling again. No reason to stay here any more however we could stay here forever.
From seaside Ytra Lón isn’t easy to find. I had to made several phone calls to Mirjam. When we were 7 miles out of shore we weren’t that sure anymore and I called Mirjam
Again. Almost there se said. At the end we where standing on a beach with a old crashed airplane in front of us. Almost there, Mirjam said. I will
come your way with the Landrover. At the horizon a big defender appears with a lot off dust behind. Almost there, Mirjam said. We paddled for another 2 miles and finally we where at Ytra Lòn
Mirjam and here husband prepared a good mail. A couple of bears and red wine and good company made it a complete and interesting evening.