Camping on Freycinet Island

Where now camping on Freycinet Island. A beautiful area. Clear blue water. White beaches and granite rocks. At 9:00am we left a depressing campsite. It’s cold now for days and without any sunshine. The campground was no that horizontal and … Read More


Storm on Maria Island! No paddle today and tomorrow! We are doing nothing beside taking care of our tent. Put extra ropes onto the poles to make them stronger. We think its gone be a early whiskey day. Ok we … Read More

Maria Island

Maria island We paddled today 35 km to reach Maria Island. We were accompanied by many dolphins jumping out of the water. Wonderful. We made a camp for a couple of days there is a serious weather warning and a … Read More

Bush camp Lyme bay

After a lovely evening and good night we left Clifden Beach. We said goodbye to Jeannie how took care of us. We wanted to do the outside of the Peninsula but weather forecast predicted thunderstorms for today and tomorrow a … Read More


We left Snug this morning. Heading for Betsy Island. We met a local kayaker on the ocean. We talked about all the famous seakayakers in the world. And how rough the ocean can be. Then w’r heading north and ended … Read More

Bruny Island part two

Bruny Island After a couple of lovely day’s with Freda and Aaron we paddled further along the Huon River to the ocean. We landed in Dover and went to the pub. After dinner we couldn’t leave the pub without being … Read More

Bruny island

Strong ZW wind, so we have to stay on this island. (Partridge Island) 20/ 25 knt wind!! We pulled the Etains on shore and grabbed ourself a nice book. Noting wrong with that 😜

To the South

Paddling back we said. Yep but we ran out of water again, this time seawater because of the tide. We had to walk four miles and finally reached a channel. We paddled back to Montagu campground. Weirdly paddling back. We … Read More

West Coast again and again

Ok where to start. We did three attempts on the west coast to get on with our circumnavigation.This photo is taken on the northernmost point. Do it looks like the waves aren’t that big it was big and came out … Read More

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