Wil jij ook een eigen workshop informeer naar de mogelijkheden.   Wij starten met Voorwaarts peddelen. Expeditie planning en voorbereiding Kajaktechniek Reddingen    

Lezingen expeditie Vancouver Island

Beleef ons avontuur mee tijdens  onze lezing over Vancouver Island. De North Pacific, wolven en beren. De duizenden zee-otters en nog veel meer. Vanaf maart geven wij lezingen. Je kan ons boeken voor een avond vullend programma bij jou in … Read More

yeah Finished circumnavigation Vancouver Island

yeah finished Circumnavigation Vancouver Island!! 33 paddling days and 1262 km done! Thanks: Valley Sea Kayak and Arjan Bloem for providing the Nordkapp’s Kayakweather Karel Vissel Shawna and Leon, Body Boat Blade International. Seth and Svetlana Martijn Makelaar the Blog … Read More

last leg

Last update via Martijn. Paul and Marian left the westcoast. Currently they are near Victoria enjoying the beautiful weather. Ever since Tofino they’ve been paddling through fog and rain. The Fuca strait was the most intens swell they’ve encountered sofar. … Read More


We are in Ucluelet now for some last minute shopings. The next 6 day’s we are on our own again before we touch Orca’s Island again with our Nordkapp’s .  It’s rainforest here. That means rain, drizzle and fog. We … Read More

Yeeee, civilization

After 16 days we are back in town. Survived many scary moments but absolutely the most scary one were the howling wolves next to our tent in the middle of the night. Given the track they were approached very close.  … Read More

“Go ahead. Make my day!”

Marian and Paul made it to Tofino. They were welcomed by policeman Andrew. Who is probably using his shotgun to shoot off three weeks of outdoor dirt. Can you imagine? “Do you feel dirty, punk? Go ahead, make my day!”Tomorrow … Read More


At N49 43.110 W126 56.272, Marian and Paul are stuck again sitting out a Southeast storm. Right now they are just 100 km away from Tofino.Right now Tofino doesn’t mean wifi, but food! Which by now is in short supply. Even … Read More

Free Willy must be very free

Because the dutchseakayakers have not seen a single orka. Sometimes they can’t even see each other, due to the 3 m swell they are paddling in. Today they got up at 4:00 a.m. and worked their way to Checleset bay. … Read More

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