Unfortunately, the dutchseakayakers.com site has been hacked by a dude in turkey. Instead of putting clearisil on his face and at least try to get a girlfriend, he decided to hack a website, which is an important tool letting friends … Read More

the North Pacific, to be specific

After a short call from Paul by sattelite phone, here’s a short update. Their current position is N 50°40,042 W 128°21,457. They paddled past the Cook Bank. Being on the Pacific brings a bigger swell and strong currents. Today they rounded … Read More

This is a man’s world

This is a man’s world, loggers, fisherman, big cars and big man everywhere.  Hunting, building, logging or fishing. It is big bigger biggest.  We had a storm passing by in the Johnston strait. We were stuck on Hardwicke island. Thank … Read More

Paddling again

Hi everyone, My name is Martijn Makelaar and as of today not only the official photographer but also the unofficial communication liaison for the dutchseakayakers. Since they are not always able to blog, Marian asked me to post some information. … Read More

Johnston Strait

Great weather, bears already, good campfires, surf in the Johnston Strait. Beatiful Islands to camp. The call of The tide is early. Paul has coaght fish for dinner. Fun but the best part is still to come. 


We are, after three days paddling in Nanaimo.  It is absolutely magnificent paddling here. Finding a good camping spot difficult but we succeed.  Unfortunately we forgot our sd cart reader.  We left it behind in the tent. As we crossed … Read More

Orcas Island

We are now on Orcas Island, home of Shawna and Leon from Body Boat Blade international. We stayed at there place for several days to prepare our Valley Seakayaks for our trip around Vancouver Island. We start tomorrow.  We start … Read More

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